Match your mQuvée WineCave wine cooler with a beer cooler in the same high-end design! mQuvée BeerServer is a stylish and unique series of beer coolers that can be built in under your kitchen counter or used free-standing anywhere in your hoome. Choose between three sizes and two colours and leave badly chilled beers in the past!

Stainless or
Anthracite Black

3 sizes



BeerServer 30

BeerServer 60


BeerServerBeerServer 700 30BeerServer 700 40BeerServer 700 60
Width (mm)300395595
Door height (mm)700700700
Seamless door designx
Adjustable feetxxx
Number of adjustable temperature zones111
Metal shelvesxxx
Compressor coolingxxx
Reversible doorxxx
White display colourxxx
Temperature warning alarmxxx