Free-standing wine coolers with space from 12 to 192 bottles. WineExpert is available in a stainless steel or fullglass black design and comes with stylish wooden pull-out shelves. All models are equipped with UV-protected glass and a carbon filter that keep unwanted smell and sunlight away from your wine collection.

Various sizes

Pull-out shelves

Carbon filter

a selection of our models

WineExpert 12

WineExpert 24

WineExpert 38

WineExpert 66

WineExpert 43

WineExpert 180

WineExpert 192


WineExpertWineExpert 12WineExpert 24WineExpert 38WineExpert 43WineExpert 66WineExpert 126WineExpert 180WineExpert 192
Number of adjustable zones12212221
Wooden pull-out shelvesxxxxxxxx
Compressor coolingxxxxxxxx
Fan coolingxxxxxxxx
White LED-lightxxxxxxxx
White digital displayxxxxxxxx
Winter safetyxxxxx