American Oak 160C

Furnish your home with this magnificent wine cabinet combined with a cigar cooler, made en-tirely of solid wood (American oak). It offers the possibility to store both your wine and your cigars at the right humidity and temperature. The shelves in the cigar cooler are made of cedar wood, which gives the best results. View and store both wine and cigars with style in a com-bined cabinet made entirely of wood, from mQuvée!

  • Features
    • Manufactured in black solid wood (American Oak) 
    • Freestanding wine storage cabinet with a storage surface 
    • Adjustable temperature (5-20 degrees) 
    • 11 pull-out wooden shelves (beech) 
    The large cabinet
    – 1 Display shelf
    – 1 Storage shelf
    – 6 Presentation shelves
    – Cigar cooler (Cedar wood shelves)
    – 3 shelves 
    • Compressor cooler 
    • Fan-assisted cooling for balanced temperature (interior) 
    • UV-protected glass door 
    • Lockable 
  • Other features
    • Low vibration for perfect storage of your wine bottles 
    • Automatic defrosting 
    • Regulated humidity 
    • ON/OFF button for power 
    • White LED light on the inside of the door, with ON/OFF button 
    • Digital display for temperature (blue) 
    • Display for control of temperature and humidity 
    • Low/high temperature alarm 
    • Open door alarm 
    • Fan-assisted cooling keeps unwanted odours away
  • Size & Dimensions
    • Measurements: (Width x Height x Depth) 136 x 188 x 68 cm 
    • Space for 108 bottles 
  • Technical data
    • Voltage: 220-240 V
    • Annual consumption: 693.0 kWh
    • Noise level: 38 dB(A)
    • Power: 115 W
    • Climate class: ST
    • Weight: 185 kg