BeerServer Series

Cool your beer in style! BeerServer is mQuvée’s collection of unique beer and drink coolers that not only enhances your beer tasting experience but also elevates your kitchen interior. All models can be built in under your kitchen counter and blend in nicely into your overall kitchen design. The drink coolers have energy efficiency class C and some of them even go down all the way to sub zero levels – for ice cold beer in an instant.

BeerServer has an identical exterior design to mQuvée’s WineCave series and when put right next to each other, there is no type of drink they won’t chill to a T. To give the coolers your personal touch, you can even customise their colour to fit your taste.

The BeerServer collection by mQuvée combines style and practicality, creating an ideal solution for beer enthusiasts to store and display their beloved beer collection. With its sleek design and innovative features, the BeerServer offers the perfect environment to keep your favorite brews at their optimal temperature, ready to be enjoyed at any occasion.

Three sizes
Choose between 60, 40, and 30 cm wide coolers!

Custom Made
Available as custom models, choose any colour you wish for!

Matches WineCave’s design
Install matching beer and wine coolers next to each other!

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Store your wine to perfection –  that’s the everlasting mission that keeps mQuvée exploring, inventing, and developing new ways of storing wine since 2009. We bring the perfect wine experience right into your home, all the way from storing to popping your bottles!

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