WineKeeper Series

Blending in smoothly – that’s WineKeeper’s specialty! Integrate your WineKeeper seamlessly into your kitchen, just like a built-in oven, and create a cohesive look all throughout your kitchen. Frontal ventilation ensures an easy installation without you having to think about external air channels. Hidden behind the door, the ventilation system is non-visible and easy on the eye.

Apart from its beautiful design, WineKeeper excels in terms of energy efficiency and noise level. All wine coolers are equipped with wooden sliding shelves, a carbon filter, and changeable handles. Available in three sizes, you will have no problem finding the right fit for your wine collection – big or small!

Discover the essence of elegance and functionality with the WineKeeper series by mQuvée. Designed for wine enthusiasts, it provides a refined space to store and showcase your beloved wine collection.

Hidden frontal ventilation
No external air channels needed.

Low energy consumption
Eco-friendly wine coolers with energy class F.

Low noise levels
Quiet wine coolers with noise levels as low as 35 dB.

Discover our WineKeeper models

Width 60 cm
Fits the standard width of full height kitchen cabinets.

No bad smells
Equipped with a carbon filter that prevents harmful smells.

Interchangeable handle
Standard size 320 mm allows you to change the handle.

Discover our accessories for WineKeeper

mQuvée gift set
Looking for the perfect gift for a wine lover? This elegant cork gift set contains a corkscrew, an aerator, a champagne cork, and a drip stopper.

Shelf front
Give your mQuvée wine cooler a modern finish with shelf fronts in stainless steel or anthracite black. 

Wine labels
Keep track of your wine collection! mQuvée’s wine labels not only help you stay organised but gives your wine cooler that personal touch.

Store your wine to perfection –  that’s the everlasting mission that keeps mQuvée exploring, inventing, and developing new ways of storing wine since 2009. We bring the perfect wine experience right into your home, all the way from storing to popping your bottles!

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