WineStore Series

You love growing your wine collection? WineStore loves a growing wine collection, too! mQuvée’s series of wine cabinets provides the ideal conditions for ageing wines in as big a variety of sizes as possible. Store as little as 66 bottles in a wine cabinet under your kitchen counter or go for the free-standing king size model for up to 474 bottles.

With WineStore, you can store your precious collection safely on sturdy wooden shelves without needing to move bottles unnecessarily when looking for a specific wine. Just use the wine registry on the inside of the solid door to keep track of which wine is stored on which shelf of your WineStore!

To ensure that WineStore is following the five golden rules of wine storage, the cabinets are equipped with humidity and temperature control, a carbon filter, low-vibration wooden shelves, and two types of light proof doors: a solid door or a UV protected glass door.

Up to 474 bottles
Even the biggest wine collection finds its home in a WineStore.

Free-standing or built-in
Choose among free-standing, built-in, and under-counter wine cabinets!

Made in Europe*
WineStores free-standing cabinets are produced locally in Europe.

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mQuvée gift set
Looking for the perfect gift for a wine lover? This elegant cork gift set contains a corkscrew, an aerator, a champagne cork, and a drip stopper.

Add-on shelves
Present your favourite wines in style! Choose between label-view, display, and presentation shelves to show off your most precious wines.

Wine labels
Keep track of your wine collection! mQuvée’s wine labels not only help you stay organised but gives your wine cooler that personal touch.

Elevate your wine experience with mQuvée wine coolers. Designed to perfection, our wine coolers offer a seamless blend of style and functionality, ensuring your wines are stored at their optimal conditions.





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