5 golden rules for wine storage

mQuvée products take account of wine growers golden rules for wine storage to guarantee that you get the ultimate wine experience.

1. Constant temperature

For aging and storage of wine there should be a constant temperature of 12 degrees because that is when the wine thrives. Any variation between 10 and 14 degrees is fine.

2. Non-vibration

Vibration may damage the wine and because of that it is essential to minimize the vibrations in the wine cooler and/or wine cabinet. Wooden shelves naturally absorb vibrations and is therefore preferable. The most important factor is ensuring the compressor is fitted with a silencer which makes it free of any vibrations. In the case of wine coolers, this isn’t essential.

3. No light

Light speeds up the aging process of wine. This is why an authentic wine cabinet always has a plain, solid door.

4. No smell

The cork often deteriorates over time and because we don´t want to allow odours to enter the bottle it´s important to keep the air in the wine cooler or/and wine cabinet clean and free of any odour. The best way of succeeding doing this is to use a carbon filter and have good circulation in the cabinet.

5. Appropriate humidity

The wine’s bouquet matures in the reduction process – which needs to be air free! It’s important to keep the wine at a 50% + humidity level so that the cork don´t dry out and allow air to leak into the bottle.

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